USB/Forth Update

I came across gs16forthII again in my travels and decided to give it another shot .. I figured out how to load the usbtest6.f code and start it … there were a couple of duplicate words but at least the menu came up … a bit more tweaking and some more research and I found out that there were extended read/write byte commands that take a ‘bank’ param … I fixed up the spots that access the cards registers and it’s working now … Yay!!

Tested my flash drives so far

  1. Passes reg test
  2. Attach works
  3. Print device descriptor works
  4. Print string decriptor works
  5. SCSI – Device enquiry works (for one drive) I think it fails for the other as the endpoints are not correct
  6. SCSI Test Unit ready (fails)
  7. SCSI read device capacity works (for one drive)
  8. Read LBA (fails – problem with getnum routine)

So it’s time to learn some forth … I still plan to continue my ‘c’ ports but this looks interesting to be able to code directly on the IIgs.

later …

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