Almost a year and no updates :(

Well most everything has been on hold but not forgotten. Other things have had to come first. So any Apple II tinkering has primarily been on the “thought” end vs the soldering iron.

I am still putting out batchs of Uthernets when I can.

I have recently joined the GSport initiative and plan to merge some Applewin changes I was working on last year back in.

Thats about it for now.

I hope your Apple II endeavors are going better then mine.

One Response to “Almost a year and no updates :(”

  1. Nick Says:

    Can you blame the credit crunch? I can and do – moved countries and am putting my II’s in storage (for now).

    Hopefully you can return to the IIc hardware sometime. All our empty memory slots are crying out for that do-it-all card!

    Plenty on the emulation front to keep us busy anyway … and that doesn’t take up any extra bench space. ; – )


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