New hardware starts to roll in … Part 2

As part of my memory investigation I purchased these two products (there is a SDCard adapter beside them for comparison purposes)

EZFlash Devices

EZFlash Vi ($9.99) (Link) – 4Mbit of Flash and a MicroSD card socket

  1. Link Front Side – Pic
  2. Link Back Side – Pic

Chip descriptions

  1. M6MGT321s4TP – Flash + SRAM ( 512K+512K?)
  2. XILINX Spartan XCS50A – VQG100AGQ1041
  3. MicroSD slot

EZ Flash 3n1 ($22) (Link) – (32MB Flash/512K SRAM, 16MB PSRAM and rumble device

  1. Link Front Side Pic
  2. Link Back Side Pic

(Sorry the pics are a little blurry. Also notice the cartridge fingers are already corroded and need to be cleaned up a little).

To mount this cart on a test PCB i’ll be looking to pick up one of these

Chip descriptions

  1. Altera MAX II EPM240T100I5N
  2. Fujitsu – 84VZ046G-60 (32MB Flash + 512K SRAM – Battery backed)
  3. Fujitsu – 84VZ128D-70 (16MB PSRAM)

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