Update #2

Hi I have a working board now but I realized I will need to spin another PCB before sending out a broader beta testing run.

The current PCB needs an inverter due to the way I hooked the LVCC4245 to the apple II bus. Once I added that I also found the LVCC4245 had some timing issues in the IIgs.

Replacing the LVCC4245 with a standard 74LS245D seems to work okay so far.

My first real world test other then web browsing was to use Contiki to participate in the IRC server on the other night.

2 Responses to “Update #2”

  1. Antoine Vignau Says:

    Question: will the connector be directed to the inside of the machine this time?

  2. a2retro Says:

    Hi Antoine, yes the RJ45 jack faces the keyboard vs the back of the computer this time.

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