Building Apple II applications using cross platform tools

There is a very nice tool suite called cc65 that runs under Windows, Linux Mac OSX etc.. written by Ulrich Von Bassewitz, with user contributions by folks like Oliver Schmitd, MagerValp and Groepaz to name a few….

I am writting series of articles on introducing newcomers to using these tools to develop Apple II software. One showcase example of cross platform developement using this tiool suite is Adam Dunkels “Contiki”. We will build that app as our final article..

While I personally develop software using Cygwin for windows, the instructions are equally applicable on Linux and OSX. I hope to write parallel articles covering those platforms.

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AppleII software development with cc65

  • cc65 for Cygwin
  • cc65 for Linux
  • cc65 for OSX

Test driving the compiler

Building Contiki

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