Uthernet II Update – Part 3

Finished Product

New boards are in hand and all the parts and stencil as well. I did a build last night and so far on my test IIe the web page loading test has almost been running for 11 hours without any failures. So at least at this point there are no regressions.


View the results of preliminary testing the first card here


Finished Product

4 Responses to “Uthernet II Update – Part 3”

  1. John Mautz Says:

    Very exciting!!! Can’t wait for production to start. I am so looking forward to this!!!

  2. a2retro Says:

    Thanks John. Me too!

  3. Jayson Elliot Says:

    Great progress. I can’t wait to buy mine!

  4. Steve Pedersen Says:

    please shoot me a note when these become available to order want want want one of these.

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