Apple //c memory expansion plus (//cmxp)

As I mentioned in a previous post my //c memory expansion plus card will be for memory expandable //c and above. Similar to the 1Mb memory expansion card for the //c from Apple but will include a SDCard interface and hopefully Wifi. My first phase of the project is to work on the IIc bus interface glue …. I am using a Xilinx XC9500-108-84PLCC

┬áHere is a link to the prototype board … no wiring has been started yet

3 Responses to “Apple //c memory expansion plus (//cmxp)”

  1. Nick Westgate Says:

    Crikey! I’ll take 2.

  2. Bill Loguidice Says:

    Sounds great! Any idea of what this might cost when you’re ready to sell? This would definitely again make the smaller IIc highly useful again versus all the stuff that was done for the more expandable, but bulkier IIe/IIgs recently.

  3. a2retro Says:

    Hi Bill, it’s really too early to tell what a production version of such a card would cost. I have probably spent close to $300 on the prototype so far … For the SRAM/SDCard part of the card it would be nice to see that come in under $100 but it’s hard to say ….

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