Apple II bus breakout board

I spent some free time working on a breakout board for the Apple II bus. The idea here is that you plug the bottom end into the Apple II bus connector and then use the top card edge for header attachements or a card edge to ribbon cable connector. The middle holes would typically be used for a dual row header that one can use to tap into the Apple II bus signals with a logic analyzer.

Apple II breakout board

While James Littlejohn of has recently released the LittleProto II prototyping board for the Apple II (available from ReactiveMicro), sometimes there are things you want to do and a breadboard is not suitable for a variety of reasons.

As design exercise I plan to make some various breakout/adapter boards for myself. I want to learn how to panalize things, so I take advantage a single PCB run with multiple items if i need to.

I posted an offer on comp.sys.apple2 to make a run of these boards. The idea was the if enough people wanted a few each i would just run off a batch … seeing as no one has spoken up so far I will just continue you on with my panelization project and only make a handful for myself for the time being.

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  1. Jonno Says:

    If it’s not too late, I’d like 3!

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