Uthernet Update

Well we are well into our 3rd run of Uthernet cards… As I make this entry there are still approximately 30 cards left.

I would like to recap what has happened on the software front with Apple II ethernet. Adam Dunkels Contiki 1.2 was released by Oliver Schmidt with support for the Uthernet and LANceGS based cards. Contiki 1.3 was released after that with improvements to the memory map, added mouse support and included the web server demo app (among other refinements).

A Marinetti link layer driver was developed by Ewen Wannop and I, that included code from the IP65 library from MagerValp. This is will be available shortly as a non beta release, the source will be added to the MOSP Marinetti cvs repository.

I added support for virtual Uthernet to AppleWin, based on the code developed by Spiro Trikaliotis for the VICE emulator. You can run Contiki, IP65 based apps or ADTPro under AppleWin if you want.

David Schmidt has added Uthernet support (based on IP65) to ADTPro … this is cool as it allows you to dump your ProDOS volumes over the wire back to a host PC for safe keeping.

I know some other folks have developed software that makes use of the Uthernet card but I can’t really mention it as it has not been released.

My next posts in these categories will be discussing the tcp/ip applications that I am working on or would like to see developed in the future ….

till next time ….

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  1. tom capehart Says:

    Hi, I am just getting back into Apple II stuff after 26 years.

    I have a Apple II, an Apple IIE, and an Apple IIC. I think the C is the

    most limited for me at the moment as I don’t have a serial cable for it.

    I just downloaded ADTPro to try to transfer disk images from the pc, but

    ethernet for the Apple would be great.

    Would you let me know the present status of the project and what

    platforms it works on ?

    Thank You for your time


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