USB Update

At the begining or so of January 07, I got back into the MicroUSB project … just to recap I bought one of the MicroUSB Atari carts from Steve Tucker, 2yrs ago and I adapted it to the Apple II bus.

As of today things are stalled a bit but let me tell you how I got to where I am …

I am working with several different pieces of code

  1. USBTEST6.F – Forth code by Carsten Strotmann – my port to ‘c ‘
  2. USBMSDRV – Action! code by Carsten Strotmann – my port to ‘c ‘
  3. SL811HS – c code written by Dan Winslow
  4. SL811USBP – c code for the PIC micro written by Guillaume Fondeville – my port to 6502

USBTEST6.F is forth code written and maintained by Carsten Strotmann of the MicroUSB project. I was unsuccessful in my attempts to get this code working under a Apple II forth implementation so I decided to port it to ‘c’. I started that effort last spring and dropped it over the summer/fall. I had broken it out to seperate modules but I decided to merge it all back under one file. All forth code is commented out and left intact. I would say it is about 40% done so far. What is completed so far seems to work although I still get mixed results depending on the USB device in question.

USBMSDRV – to assist with my porting efforts Carsten also gave me a copy of some Action! code written by him that is an implementation of a USB Mass strorage driver. Action! is a lot closer to ‘c’ and it was pretty straight forward to port this code.
I am currently stuck ont his project where it issues a SCSIRESET. It times out on all devices I test. If I comment out the reset then the rest of the code continues but there is no data to be found in the sector buffer.

SL811HS – Dan Winslow sent me this code. He had a look at my port of USBTEST.F but decided to write his own. :) It works and does pretty much the same as my port of USBTEST.F both have a quirk or two when it comes to reading string descriptors.

SL811USBP – Guillaume Fondeville has written a MASS Storage driver to work with his PIC18F452/Cypress SL811HS USB board. It was easy to update so that it worked with the MicroUSB board I have adapted to the Apple II bus. It works well with both Flash devices I tried . It updates the sector successfully. It does not work with USB floppies.

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