Contiki Port for IIgs (65816)?

Id love to see a port of Contiki to the Apple IIgs, that takes advantage of the extened memory map available. Unfortunatley there are not any open source tools freely available that are capable of compiling ‘c’ down to 65816 assembler.

The open source package “binutils” is the place to start according to Geoff Weiss. There is some support that needs an active maintainer. The first step is to get ‘ld’ to produce OMF output.

The other choice is to use the Byte Works ORCA/C (runs on the IIgs or IIgs emulator) or ByteWorks MPW IIgs ORCA/C (runs under Mac OS – pre X). These are still classified as for pay tools – available from Syndicomm.

I may pick away at this project just to see how difficult it is to adapt the existing Apple II port currently @ version 1.3 to the IIgs ….

Stay tuned ….

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