Timing is something that has been frustrating me a lot lately … first with the //cmxp project and now this potential Ethernet card.

The short of it is, I can’t seem to come to grips with the necessary delay required at machine lanuage speeds. Any other method of doing things slowly seems to work and that includes entering the right values in the monitor or single stepping stepping via NoIce. In fact i have written the init program in basic (some peeks and pokes) and even that works fine … grrrr

In trying to port the driver from c over to assembly I’ve come to realize once again how rusty my assembly skills are. So I am doing a combo c/asm dirver just to verify the hardware functionality.

Going to have to shelve things for a bit, probably till after the holidays – too much stuff going on in other areas. If I mange to sneak any time in i’ll post an update ..


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  1. Fumofu Says:

    I went “APPLE IIE WEB SERVER” of HP of AppleII.
    Very Small site.but very Good site.

    The AppleIIe’s site is like “Wizardry” of the best of RPG.

    If the appleIIe’s site can use Japanese Language,it’s more funny.
    But Japanese “Kanji” character font is Big memory volume.
    “kanjji” font size needs 16dot x 16dot over,a number of “kanji” is many many many,too.

    so the AppleIIe’s site may use “Katakana” ” Hiragana” of Japanese basic language character font.
    This basic japanese font size is 8dot x 8 dot. a number of this font is 50×2.

    But I have read Word processing soft by “PC6001” of Japnese appleII in old Japanese computer magazine in my childhood.

    “PC6001” is a Japanese computer maker “NEC”‘s machine.has Z80,
    is family type old computer.

    Recently I played Final Fantasy3 of Nintendo DS version.
    Original Final Fantasy1 to 3 is Nintendo Family Computer.
    and Family Computer’s CPU is 6502. is as well as AppleII’s CPU.

    And the Final Fantasy 3 is more good game in DS version,can use
    wireless LAN,is not 2D,is 3D game like 2D.

  2. Nigel Says:

    Definitely interested in a Uthernet card for my IIgs if you’re taking orders.

  3. David Schmidt Says:

    I can help you with M/L timing… All Apples have a delay routine in ROM you can use.

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