That would be ‘my’ Uber card not ‘the’ Uber card … Here is a picture in it’s current mockup incantation – SDCard, 10Bt ethernet, Wireless and possible OTG USB….

It’s just a mockup … It’s just a mockup … It’s just a mockup….

My Ubercard

2 Responses to “UberCard”

  1. rich Says:

    If you’re going to put all of that on a card,
    why not add a good FPGA and include VGA
    output and an accelerator?

  2. rg.jones Says:

    Gotta walk before you can run :)

    This project is more about integrating existing projects into one then creating something really new.

    Right now it has an atmel atmega 169 but it plan to use the ATMEL USBKEY module to drive it, hence the 60 pin DIP (I need to build a converter board).

    The avr will drive the SD and Ethernet via SPI. The Avr also will talk SPI to the other CPLD which translates to the CF.

    So thi s like a CFFA and Pseudo Disk all in one with Ethernet and USB device/host capabilities.

    A ARM chip could replace the AVR if that doesn’t have enough ommmf.

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