Posting from OneNote

This is a test blog post from OneNote – been organizing my ideas and projects in it. It’s a pretty cool application.

Uthernet Status

    • Base Cards are out in manufacturing
    • Modules are delayed from Invector- no ETA at this point.

Been busy doing a few things in the background รขโ‚ฌยฆ

    • No progress on the CP2200 driver
    • Ordered 2 Applicard remakes from Alex Freed
    • Reorganizing my basement work area
      • Reorganized my desk space and filing areas
      • Put most loose stuff in see through plastic containers
      • Reviewed document Filing system
      • Documenting A2 Card collection
      • Documenting Embedded hardware kits
    • Deciding which SRAM chip to use
      • CYC1049
      • CY62148
      • CY62158 ( I think this is it) 1M x 8
    • Choices for a larger SRAM are
      • CY62167DV30 (2MB)
      • CY62177DV30 (4MB)
      • MT45W8MW16BGXMT (16MB)
    • Reviewing how to add battery backup to the SRAM circuit
    • Spent some cycles on possible breakout boards to ease further developments
      • Apple 2 Multi-bus breakout board ( org Apple II bus FPGA card got me thinking about this one)
        • Similar concept to 8 bit baby but with only Apple Bus connectors on it
          • 50 contact Apple II slot
          • 60 contact Apple II AUX slot
          • 44 contact IIgs Memory slot
          • 34 pin //c memory expansion connector
        • Center area would have room for a Large CPLD XC95144/288XL – probably be a TQ144 to PGA adapter
        • Connectors for daughter piggy back card to hold the downstream circuit. They would have the other mating side of the board connectors on the main board.
        • All signals are routed from the edge connector to closest board connector. They are also routed (san any power lines) to the closet usable pins on the cpld. Pins from the other side of the cpld are routed toit’s closest board connecter. These signals have possibly had logic applied to them and are for use by the down stream circuit. Since only one bus can be active at a time, having the other busses connect should not affect the downstream circuit.
      • Apple 2 EEPROM support on a 32 DIP DIP.
        • I took Rich Dreyer’s EEPROM circuit from the CFFA card and designed a PCB that mounts the required chips on a 32 pin DIP format to be used with a breadboard like the Littleproto II
        • This would make it easy to add EPROM support to cards under development.
      • Been refining a PSRAM breakout board for this chip MT45W8MW16BGX
      • Working with a few others on a Apple 2 SDRAM interface

  • Next on the Agenda
    • //cmxp going to start looking at 65SPI and SDCard circuit next

3 Responses to “Posting from OneNote”

  1. Nick Westgate Says:

    Hi Glenn. Great to hear of your progress. Sometimes it takes a lot of organization to … get organized!

    OneNote looks interesting. I thought you were a FOSS fan – did you try any free/OSS alternatives?

    With Ferdinand developing the //c VGA solution, this year is looking almost as good for the //c as it is for the rest of the line in terms of new hardware. I hope you can make this year count! ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. a2retro Says:

    Hi Nick, Actually I haven’t looked for anything in that category. I played around with Personal Brain for a while, then tried OneNote. If your aware of anything please let me know. If your not adverse to trying new M$ software you can get a 60 day trial from M$ web site. ..

    I hope you can make this year count! ๐Ÿ˜€ – me too – I am long over due to push something new out the door. I can’t recall do you have a IIc? If so which one?

  3. Nick Westgate Says:

    I noticed the free trial, but I don’t intend to spend the money, so I don’t want any content locked up in something I’ll throw away later. (I’m not over Vista yet. With all this talk about Windows 7 all I can think is “fix 6 first!”)

    Yes, I have a ROM 4 //c and a //c+ which Sean Fahey was kind enough to ship out here to Japan. Neither gets enough use. I keep a //e with a copy of StickyBear ABC in the drive next to me at all times for when my daughter toddles into my lair. (It also has a MicroDrive which is very nice.)


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