Another run of DDT boards a possibility (3rd party)?

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Another run of DDT boards a possibility (3rd party)?

Postby kgreene » Fri Jan 13, 2006 11:50 pm

Unfortunately I missed out on these boards...

Just wondering if you (a2retrosystems) or anyone else might be able to do another run of boards/kits? The DDT site contains all the stuff to do it yourself but I'd rather have a nice PCB to use and have the PALs/EPROMS already burned...

Not sure if the DDT folks are OK with a 'professional' run or not but I'm sure there has to be some other people besides me who'd like one of these!

Out of curiosity, how much $$ did the kits run?
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DDT kits another run?

Postby support » Sat Jan 14, 2006 10:31 am

Before I found out that kits were available, I was considering doing another run.

I don't think Chuck (ProDEV) would have a problem with someone making another run of these cards.

To remake the board, we would need someone to produce gerbers from the autocad files. I spent some time trying to find a free (or limited trial) conversion program (that would handle DWG vs DXF) and would directly export gerbers or let me import the result into a program that would export gerbers but I was unsuccessful. Programs are out there but they are expensive.

The other option I investigated was to have to have jpg files converted directly to gerbers and that would be a min of $200 to have that done.

Once I got my kits I stopped pursueing making up new boards.

The kits were $25 for the board, pals and ROM.
I spent a total of about $75 in raw materials (including the kit) to make a working card.

I'd love to see someone do a DDT II (2006 version) - I've put that wish on my list but it's down there a fair way.

Things i'd like to see would be

a) shrink the board
b) use EEPROM
c) enhanced software
d) remote integration with somthing like NoICE

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Postby kgreene » Sat Jan 14, 2006 11:11 am

ouch, $25! :-( Too bad I didn't know about it at the time!

It's too bad we can't go back to the original manufacturer and just get another run of boards made. :-)
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Postby aiiadict » Sun Jan 15, 2006 7:19 pm

I CAN PRINT PCBS (capslock off now, not in the apple II emulator :-)

I designed a CAD program for the apple II....

you could either 1) draw the schematic in my CAD program, and I can make the PCBs for you (drill holes, draw pcb, dip in etch tank)


2) find a converter for the filetype that the PCB is available in..... I am using an anilam crusader milling machine to draw and drill the boards. anilam crusader output is available through BOBCAD... Maybe BOBCAD would import whatever filetype the DDT board is in....

the boards I can make are limited, but useable...

2 sided, not multiple layer

no plating (I can probably get them tin plated at the college)

no gold plating (I could probably do this too, but it would take a few weeks getting everything set up)

no silkscreening.. I can print on boards using fine point sharpies chucked up to the milling machine :-)

also... I think pro manufactured boards include some sort of ?copper? insert in the through-holes. I can't do this, but you can get around this by soldering a component lead on both sided of the through hole.

I need to take pictures and video of the whole setup and upload them.

using the CAD program on the apple, you should be able to draw the schematic in a few hours. auto-route is still in development stages, but should work soon. This would cut the time of entering the schematic to about an hour.

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Postby kgreene » Sun Jan 15, 2006 8:58 pm

Oddly enough it actually occured to me that you might be able to since I know you have that apple II PCB milling setup...

The board art is in dwg, will it read this? That can probably be converted to various vector forms I assume but I haven't looked into it (or jpgs or something though I don't know if that's useful or not, I assume you need a path)

here's the board art, you can also get schematics on the page too:
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Postby aiiadict » Mon Jan 16, 2006 10:57 pm

good news,

bobcad will open the files...

bobcad will generate code for my milling machine as well....

to get these drilled and printed, I need to:

1)find out how to make bobcad generate a Z-axis down/up for each hole

it shouldn't be too difficult.

I think it would be even better to figure out how DWG files are constructed, and create an IMPORT feature for the apple II CAD program....

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Reproduce DDT Boards

Postby » Thu Jan 19, 2006 9:19 pm

I have the schematic in .JPG form if anyone needs it. What I would like to do is convert and modernize the board. Move the logic in to a CPLD or maybe even an FPGA. It's not a short term solution (sorry Kevin) but a longer term one. Anyone know if ProDev would mind if sold the card? At least I'd be willing to keep stock.

If anyone needs help burning a GAL, let me know. I may even have some of the old PAL's laying around, but they are getting more and more rare these days with all my experimenting.

Keep your eyes open for the Rev. C in CPLD! If that goes well, maybe we'll tackle this project too.

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Postby ProDev » Thu Jan 26, 2006 10:39 am

It's OK with me if you redo the DDT card. I just pitty the poor fool who attempts to modify the program :shock: . You are definitely on your own :wink: , don't come to me for help :? You've been warned :roll:

ProgeCAD LT will open and allow you to edit the DWG files. Here's a link. ... rogec.html

"Good Luck, You'll Need It!"
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