One thing leads to another

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One thing leads to another

Postby support » Sun Dec 02, 2007 10:41 pm

I was originally intending to just make a IIc version of Alex Freed's Pseudo disk (PRODos block mode only).

After I started investigating this, I started thinking that people would not want to neccessarily give up an existing Ram disk in order to get mass storage for the IIc.

So I decided to add 1 MB of SRAM (battery backed) and was hoping to throw in ethernet or wireless 802.11b in the mix.

I have latey started wondering if adapting SDRAM (128MB) as a fast cache for the SDCard might make a nice alternative or addition to the transflash.

1) On power up the contents of the Transflash would be copied to the SDRAM.
2) All reads would come from SDRAM
3) Writes would be wriiten to both the SDRAM (and lazy written to the SDCard)

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