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Uther Driver

Postby aiiadict » Thu May 19, 2005 11:58 am

I already sent this message to Glenn. I suppose this weekend more people will be coming here to read this forum...

Would be nice to get an interface to Uther to pass variables between different Apple II's.

for output:
10 Input "message to send";A$
20 Input "target machine 1 IP";IP1
22 Input "target machine 2 IP";IP2
24 Input "target machine 3 IP";IP3
26 Print "sending ";A$;" to ";ip1;" and ";ip2;" and ";ip3
30 &UtherOUTPUT A$, IP1, IP2, IP3

and on the other machines:

10 Input "machine to receive message from";IP1
20 &UtherINPUT, A$, IP1
30 Print "received ";a$;" from ";IP1

And from ASM:

HEX #03 ;number of IP addresses to send to
HEX $XX, $XX, $XX , $XX ;IP addresses
ASC "send this message" ;data to send
HEX #00 ;mark end of data

The driver would have to:

STA ReturnLO
STA ReturnHI

and use this address to get the data associated with the call. Just like Prodos Parameter passing to MLI.

I don't know how to program internet applications, and I do not want to know how to. It would be great if you provided a simple way to pass variables, parameters, and blocks of data between Uther cards on the network.

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Postby aiiadict » Sun Apr 30, 2006 12:42 pm

Now that Uther AppleWin works, I'm looking into programming an interface to send variables over the network...

Can anyone provide a link to a website that has 6502 or C source code that will do the following:

allow the programmer to specify recipient (destination IP address),
allow programmer to specify data to be sent
send the data

(and on the receiving end)

allow the programmer to specify sender (origin IP address),
receive the data
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Postby support » Mon May 01, 2006 7:28 pm

The closest thing to that would be MagerValps IP65. You can use UDP.
I will send you a copy.

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