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Almost a year and no updates :(

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Well most everything has been on hold but not forgotten. Other things have had to come first. So any Apple II tinkering has primarily been on the “thought” end vs the soldering iron.

I am still putting out batchs of Uthernets when I can.

I have recently joined the GSport initiative and plan to merge some Applewin changes I was working on last year back in.

Thats about it for now.

I hope your Apple II endeavors are going better then mine.

May 21st Update

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Uthernet Status – Invector has informed me that they received the new modules but need some time to test them and mount the connectors. I believe the earliest I would be able to ship out new cards will be the end of June. So there is light at the end of the tunnel :o)

SRAM Status – Last update I mentioned I wanted to “get the existing slinky hardware working rock solid on the //c+ so I have a good foundation in which to try and implement the AUX style memory interface.”      I have still not figured this one out and it’s got me stumped, so that’s putting damper on //cmxp progress. :o(

Apple II Emulators – I have spent some time doing some Applewin and kegswin coding. The Applewin update (in code review) is to enable paged EEPROM support for the possibility of a future ROMable version of IP65. The kegswin update adds Uthernet support in slot3 (alpha binary available).

SPI/SDCard status– I haven’t done much with the //c version of this hardware/software since last time but I am designing a 4 port 65SPI/EEPROM(32K) “development” card for the Apple //e in the meantime. This is the hardware equivalent to the software support I have/will code into Applewin.


Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

I think Apple II emulators are great. I personally use Applewin, kegs and lately sweet16 on Mac OSX. I wanted to give more people a chance to see Contiki in action so I took Spiro Trikaliotis‘s GPL TFE code from VICE and transplanted that to Applewin for version 1.13. It lets you run Contiki, IP65 or ADTPro for example.

I am currently deciding on what I want to do next for Applewin. I have been considering these two options.

  • I was given an idea on how to enable the Uthernet emulation over wireless … wireless is not promiscuous mode friendly. Oliver Schmidt suggested I use the same strategy he used for the windows port of Contiki 2.x. Have the user supply the IP address of the interface they want to use and bind winpcap to that. DHCP would no longer work if the host computer was already usign DHCP but that really isn’t a big issue.
  • I was also thinking it might be nice to have raw windows device access in Applewin like Ciderpress does …that would let you take your CF card out of your CFFA card for example and have Applewin use that device directly as HD devices? Various checks would have to be made that the device selected is actually formatted with valid Apple II data. I can see that explicit support for various partitioning schemes could be added.