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USB/Forth Update

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

I came across gs16forthII again in my travels and decided to give it another shot .. I figured out how to load the usbtest6.f code and start it … there were a couple of duplicate words but at least the menu came up … a bit more tweaking and some more research and I found out that there were extended read/write byte commands that take a ‘bank’ param … I fixed up the spots that access the cards registers and it’s working now … Yay!!

Tested my flash drives so far

  1. Passes reg test
  2. Attach works
  3. Print device descriptor works
  4. Print string decriptor works
  5. SCSI – Device enquiry works (for one drive) I think it fails for the other as the endpoints are not correct
  6. SCSI Test Unit ready (fails)
  7. SCSI read device capacity works (for one drive)
  8. Read LBA (fails – problem with getnum routine)

So it’s time to learn some forth … I still plan to continue my ‘c’ ports but this looks interesting to be able to code directly on the IIgs.

later …

USB Update

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

At the begining or so of January 07, I got back into the MicroUSB project … just to recap I bought one of the MicroUSB Atari carts from Steve Tucker, 2yrs ago and I adapted it to the Apple II bus.

As of today things are stalled a bit but let me tell you how I got to where I am …

I am working with several different pieces of code

  1. USBTEST6.F – Forth code by Carsten Strotmann – my port to ‘c ‘
  2. USBMSDRV – Action! code by Carsten Strotmann – my port to ‘c ‘
  3. SL811HS – c code written by Dan Winslow
  4. SL811USBP – c code for the PIC micro written by Guillaume Fondeville – my port to 6502

USBTEST6.F is forth code written and maintained by Carsten Strotmann of the MicroUSB project. I was unsuccessful in my attempts to get this code working under a Apple II forth implementation so I decided to port it to ‘c’. I started that effort last spring and dropped it over the summer/fall. I had broken it out to seperate modules but I decided to merge it all back under one file. All forth code is commented out and left intact. I would say it is about 40% done so far. What is completed so far seems to work although I still get mixed results depending on the USB device in question.

USBMSDRV – to assist with my porting efforts Carsten also gave me a copy of some Action! code written by him that is an implementation of a USB Mass strorage driver. Action! is a lot closer to ‘c’ and it was pretty straight forward to port this code.
I am currently stuck ont his project where it issues a SCSIRESET. It times out on all devices I test. If I comment out the reset then the rest of the code continues but there is no data to be found in the sector buffer.

SL811HS – Dan Winslow sent me this code. He had a look at my port of USBTEST.F but decided to write his own. :) It works and does pretty much the same as my port of USBTEST.F both have a quirk or two when it comes to reading string descriptors.

SL811USBP – Guillaume Fondeville has written a MASS Storage driver to work with his PIC18F452/Cypress SL811HS USB board. It was easy to update so that it worked with the MicroUSB board I have adapted to the Apple II bus. It works well with both Flash devices I tried . It updates the sector successfully. It does not work with USB floppies.