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OurPCB Co is our PCB supplier/Assembler. is our PCB supplier. If you are working on a project and need PCB's made up try contacting John Wang (john@ourpcb.com) or Andy Ma (sales01@ourpcb.com) for a quote - tell them Glenn @ a2retrosystems sent you.


CS8900A - This is the chip that the Uthernet uses.
ENC28J60 - This is Microchips SPI based ethernet board.
CP2200 - is this my next ethernet interface?
Wiznet WIZ810MJ replacement for NM7010B - This is similar to the module that I used to built my first Ethernet card for the Apple II.


Contiki V 1.3 and 2.x - Home of Adam Dunkels awesome OS and other projects


MicroUSB Home page - This is the home page for the MIcroUSB project that uses the Cypress SL811HS chip.
Jan Axelson USB Complete -


NadaNet - Visit Michael Mahons cool web site and read all about his minimal netork adapter and stack for inter Apple II communications
Applecrate II - and don't foget to check out the 8 and 17 node crates - this really rocks.


Please note a2retrosystems is "NOT" a business.
This site is here to promote my hobbies which are Apple II computers and electronics.
Items offered for sale here are done so as to enable other enthusiasts the ability to share in this hobby.