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Orders can be placed by using the paypal option below or sending an email to sales@a2retrosystems.com

The price is $69 USD per card.

Pick the button that matches the number of cards you want to order.
Standard Airmail Shipping of $10 USD (per 2 cards) is automaticaly added to your cart and is a flat rate world wide.
If the combination of cards you want pre-order generates extra shipping costs please email us and we will promptly refund any excess that was charged.

Quanity Description
1 Uthernet II card
Qty 1 - Uthernet II
2 Uthernet II card's
Qty 2 - Uthernet II
3 Uthernet II card's
Qty 3 - Uthernet II
4 Uthernet II card's
Qty 4 - Uthernet II
5+ Uthernet II card's Please contact us by email for a quote

I expect the manufacturing process to take approximately one month given no delays.
After receiving the cards, I will be filling orders after hours/weekends.
Given the quantity of cards to be tested, packed and shipped, please bear with me as I process the orders.

Please note a2retrosystems is "NOT" a business.
This site is here to promote my hobbies which are Apple II computers and electronics.
Items offered for sale here are done so as to enable other enthusiasts the ability to share in this hobby.