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Why is the card called Uther?
Why would I want to buy one?
What does it cost?
What kind of performance can I expect from this card?
What types of Apple II systems will it work in?
What slots does it work in?
What software does it use?
Where can I download Contiki

Q: Why is the card called Uther?
The card uses the IP Dragon module so I made the association with Uther Pendragon because I happen to like that period in history. Uther is also close to Ether and to Other (meaning another). Well it was only supposed to be the code name but I have yet to come up with a better one. :o)

Q: Why would I want to buy one?
If you have an interest in hooking up your apple II to the internet then a Uther card maybe for you. Currently the card works with Contiki and a Marinetti link layer driver for GS/OS is under development.

Q: What does it cost?
The 2nd run of 47 cards are selling at a price of $89 USD ea. Please check our product and order web pages for up to date information concerning pricing.

Q: What kind of performance can I expect from this card
The faster the machine the faster it will transfer data. The buffer size configured in the application also has a direct bearing on the throughput. The table provide below is for reference only.Your mileage may vary as they say. This table indicates what the hardware is capable of given ideal conditions. Overall performance is also gated in the real world by things like disk i/o ...etc

Model ROM03 Buffer Size 500 bytes Buffer Size 1000 bytes Buffer Size 1500 bytes
IIgs Transwarp 14Mhz 71 KB
IIgs 2.8Mhz 30 KB
IIgs 1.0Mhz 13 KB

Rates noted here were avg throughput of a Contiki disk image (140K) transfered by http protocol from a PC running http_fs to the Apple IIgs memory.

Q: What types of Apple II systems will it work in
So far the Uther card has been tested in an II+, II+ Clone, unenhanced IIe, enhanced IIe, platinum IIe, Laser 128, ROM01 and ROM 03 IIgs. The card currently will only work in a real Apple II+ if it has a 6502A (2Mhz) or better.

Q: What slots does it work in?
Tested in all slots. Because the Uther card has no onboard ROM it should not conflict with builtin hardware in the IIgs. Please note that Uther is a full width card. Please be carefull when installing the card in a full system. May conflict in slot 7 with long memory cards. Also note on a II+ some slots may not be suitable due to cabling restrictions (slots 2 or 4 seem to be preferalble from that perspective)

Q: What software does it use?
Uther requires a TCP/IP stack to do useful things. Contiki contains a TCP/IP stack and so does Marinetti for GS/OS. A driver is required in order for the card to talk to the TCP/IP stack. A compatible driver is included with Contiki and a compatible driver for a beta driver for Marinetti has been completed. If you are a software developer we can help you understand how you may get your application working with this card. If you are an apple II enthusiast then see our links pages for pointers to apps that will work with this card.

Q: Where can I download Contiki
The offical site for Contiki is http://www.sics.se/~adam/contiki/. If you are looking for a disk image to run contiki with your Uther Card you can download that here http://www.a2retrosystems.com/downloads.htm

Please note a2retrosystems is "NOT" a business.
This site is here to promote my hobbies which are Apple II computers and electronics.
Items offered for sale here are done so as to enable other enthusiasts the ability to share in this hobby.