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Contiki IP65 Marinetti

Uthernet II Applications overview

The Uthernet II is an Ethernet port for your slotted Apple II

Please see the application links above for more detailed information

Looking for the Uthernet II manual (updated January 28th 2016) --> Get it here

Under ProDOS you can run ADTPro, Contiki.
IP65 based apps
. can be run under ProDOS or DOS3.3

ADT 2.0.1 with support for Uthernet II
(use until official 2.0.2 is released) please do not redistribute this version

Conitki 2.7 with support for Uthernet II (updated 04/13/2016)

IP65 with support for Uthernet II

Under GS/OS you can use the Marinetti stack and run GS/OS apps.

Ewen Wannops GS/OS Starter kit for Uthernet II (updated 10/08/2015)

PLASMA includes support for the Uthernet II and a
demonstration web server. Download the source code and demos
from GitHub

Contiki 2.4 Webrowser Demo
Place holder

IP65 httpd demo
Place holder

Marinetti Safe2 FTP Client
Place holder

ADTPro 2.0.1

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