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Update as of March 28th 2015: We are continuing our work on the 2nd generation Uthernet card.
Apologies to all whom have been patiently waiting as we ran into a few technical difficulties.

We are waiting to receive our 3rd spin of the PCB. Once these are received and a few boards will be built and tested. After that a survey will be going out.
Stay tuned ....
Note: The final production version will require updated versions of the application software to function.
Please see our weblog update here for further info (as of March 28th 2015).

Picture of Uthernet II

Please send us a email (sales@a2retrosystems.com) if you wish to be placed on a waiting list for a future run.
If you asked to be placed on the list before we still have you on our list and will confirm when these next cards will be available.

You may also want to go and grab a copy of the latest Applewin and check out the Uthernet emulation.

For more info browse the site or download the Install/User Guide

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Items offered for sale here are done so as to enable other enthusiasts the ability to share in this hobby.